Young Poets to be published

6th January 2017

Milton Keynes Young Poets to be published. 

Young Writers from Milton Keynes Primary PRU have been successful in an Annual Poetry Writing Competition with the theme of “Once Upon A Dream”. 

This year, which is the 25th year of the annual competition, there were over 25,000 entries and the standard of entries has been reported as being “very good.” 

9 entries from 9 pupils from Milton Keynes Primary PRU have been chosen to be published in the “Once Upon A Dream” south east edition. 

The competition aims to encourage children to enjoy poetry and the editorial policy takes a broad view of what makes a good poem; perception, imagination and creativity are all taken into account as well as expression, originality and use of language. 

Mrs Larcombe, Class teacher, who encouraged the children to enter the competition said; “The children began their writing journey through discussing their thoughts and feelings and then constructed their poems about their hopes and dreams. They shared their ideas with each other and then wrote their personal Once upon a dream poem.” 

Ms Mills, Headteacher of Milton Keynes Primary PRU understands how important poetry is in supporting children to express their emotions through words, “Poetry promotes literacy, builds community, and fosters emotional resilience. A well-crafted phrase or two in a poem can help us see an experience in an entirely new way. We can gain insight that we have previously not known, and that can give new understanding and strength. It can be very empowering for a child to write a poem and express themselves through words and feelings. 

The children at Milton Keynes Primary PRU are especially proud of their poems they have written, and we are especially proud of their success.” 

The poems have been on display in the classroom, and are available to read on our website.