Healthy Schools Status

15th September 2017

We are pleased to announce that Milton Keynes Primary PRU was officially awarded “Healthy Schools Status” on 15th September 2017. We were previously awarded Healthy Schools Status in 2012.

 This award demonstrates that Milton Keynes Primary PRU is continuing to embed and improve provision against the four core areas of Healthy Schools. The four core areas were evaluated as;                                  

  • PSHEE (Outstanding)
  • Healthy Eating (Good)
  • Physical Activity (Good)
  • SEMH (Outstanding)

 Ms Mills, Headteacher said “We are very pleased to have been awarded Healthy School Status. We have a whole school commitment to developing healthier, happier lifestyles in Milton Keynes Primary PRU to enable all children to lead healthy, active lives.

 At Milton Keynes Primary PRU, Healthier, happier Lifestyles encompass a much broader holistic approach other than focusing on only healthy eating and physical activity. It includes the capacity to form and sustain good personal, social and working relationships. Such relationships underpin successful learning, as they are the key to motivation and engagement with the values and ideas in our Creative Curriculum.

 We will continue to build upon all the excellent progress we have achieved so far. In particular we have a focus on Physical Literacy in 2017 /2018. Physical Literacy is a core component across all areas of our Creative Curriculum. This includes our Physical Education lessons, Physical Literacy Structured Play, Physical Literacy Free Play, Physical Literacy Indoor and Well-being Enrichment Sessions.”

 Mrs McCue, Specialist Teaching Assistant and Healthy Schools co-ordinator stated, “We are especially proud that Milton Keynes Primary PRU has been successful in achieving this accolade. We will continue to support children in making healthier choices in life”.

 Liz Wilson, Public Health Practitioner and Healthy Young Peoples Network co-ordinator said, “Supporting Children in Healthier choices and achieving Healthy Schools Status is a proactive approach and such a fantastic example of good practice”.

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