School Times

Our school day starts at 8.45am each day and finishes at 3.00 pm Monday – Thursday, and finishes at 12.00 noon on Fridays. Children, if dual registered with Milton Keynes Primary PRU, will return to their mainstream school for Friday afternoons. This is very important as it helps to maintain connection and attachment to the mainstream school where the child will most likely return. It is also an opportunity to share and celebrate successes from the week at the PRU with their mainstream school.

Any child who is in the PRU following a permanent exclusion will go home at 12 noon on Friday, with the intention that the family spend that time together on Home Learning.

Monday – Thursday the school day finishes promptly at 3.00 pm. Please note, children are taught until 3.00 pm and it may take a few minutes for children to collect their belongings and make their way to you or to transport. The intention is that all children will have left school by 3.05pm.

Please let school know as soon as possible if someone different is collecting your child from school, or if you will be delayed for any reason. Please ensure there is a note in your child’s home-school diary. The new person collecting your child will need to bring ID with them which will be checked by Jo McAuliffe, School Business Manager.