Recipe for a Happy School Experience

We have some simple ground rules that we live by and which help to make sure we have a happy, healthy, safe and enjoyable school experience. 

    1.  We always respect each other. 

  1. We always treat each other with kindness. 
  1. We celebrate ourselves and each other for all our achievements, no matter how small; each step counts on life’s long learning journey. 
  1. We model good manners; “please” and “thank you” are small words that make a big difference. 
  1. We are not afraid to TRY something new; explore, discover, be curious, feel awe and wonder and dream BIG. 
  1. We work alongside each other at all times, and create magic moments together. 
  1. We have lots of opportunities to learn maths, literacy, art and science; we also have opportunities to breathe, relax, feel, talk, enjoy the puddles, paint rainbows, watch the trees change colour and play free! 

    8.   We are free to laugh out loud and create special memories for our futures. 

Childhood is a very precious time and we all cherish it together.