Playground Leaders

Milton Keynes Primary PRU Playground Leaders
Playground leaders help to organise structutured play, which takes place before lunch each day.  A range of 'calm' and 'active' activities are available each day that appeal to, and engage the children, to ensure an enjoyable structured play time.  The playground leaders devise questionnaires to enable regular feedback from the children, making changes each half term or at other times when necessary.  If new games are introduced, the playground leaders are responsible for ensuring that all children understand the rules and demonstrating new skills.
What will we do?


How will we do this?

When will we do this by?


Gather a list of games we can play

Research games on the computer

March 18

Gather information on most popular games

Create a questionnaire for all children to complete

March 18

Devise structured play programme

Collate information from questionnaires

March 18

Implement structured play programme

Daily sheet to be completed by every child each morning with choices


Audit and adjust programme

Questionnaire to be completed each half term by all children