Anti Bullying Assembly

17th January 2019

Anti-Bullying Assembly

On Thursday 17th January, PC Steve came into our school to talk with the children about bullying and why it is important to not to take part in bullying, and what to do if they find themselves being bullied.

At Milton Keynes Primary PRU we promote kind actions and caring about each other. We talk to the children about “Walking Gently with Kindness”.

We teach children to understand that Bullying involves deliberately and repeatedly attempting to hurt, scare or exclude someone. It can include hitting, pushing, name calling, or taking someone’s belongings. It is not kind and is very hurtful.

Bullying can also be more indirect, for example, deliberately leaving someone out of games, spreading rumors about them, or sending them nasty messages.

Cyber-bullying involves using mobile phones and the internet to bully others. The main purpose of the bullying is to have power over someone else.

Bullying is a mental health concern because it causes distress and can lead to loneliness, anxiety and depression. Bullying can also affect children’s concentration and lower their achievement at school. 

When children have been bullied they may: 

  • not want to go to school

  • be unusually quiet or secretive

  • not have friends

  • seem over-sensitive or weepy

  • have angry outbursts.