May 2018

2nd May 2018

Milton Keynes Primary PRU Awarded Bronze ECO Schools

“New Hope for the Future”

We are pleased to announce that Milton Keynes Primary PRU has been officially awarded their Bronze ECO Schools Award.

Eco Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. It can help to enhance the curriculum and unite the whole school behind something important.

The Eco-Schools programme provides a unique opportunity that empowers pupils to lead change within their school and have a positive impact in their wider community. The programme encourages pupils of all ages and abilities to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness. Independent research into the Eco-Schools programme in England found evidence of the positive impacts on pupils, including increased confidence, development of leaderships skills, improved pupil well-being and behaviour and greater motivation at school.

Ms Mills, Headteacher said “At Milton Keynes Primary PRU we are working with children on a daily basis to help them to understand that they can make positive changes in their lives themselves, and we show them how this is possible. As part of our Leadership Challenge we developed ECO Guardians to lead on improving our Outdoor Optimal Learning Environment.

The ECO Guardians lead an Environmental Audit across our school and with all of the children, they developed their ideas of how we can improve the environment of our school. They then went on to develop an Action plan for the next year.

Some of the things we will be focussing on over the next year is creating an ECO Wildlife and well-being Garden, energy saving, linking to another school from around the world, taking part in our “mini Olympics”, creating an edible garden, improving our recycling and explore how we can conserve water.

These are all very important issues to the children in our school, and to the future of their lives and the planet. The children recognise that the positive changes they make now will create “New Hope for the Future.

 Councillor Veronica Belcher, Chair of Milton Keynes Primary PRU Management Committee said,

“We are very pleased to have been awarded the ECO Schools Bronze Award and we will continue to build upon this achievement so far. I know that the ECO Guardians are very keen to move forwards to achieve their Silver ECO Award. It is so important for children to lead on improving the environment as it is their future. I look forward to sitting in their garden for well-being and enjoying the sound of the birds and scent of the flowers”.

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