Meet Our Support Staff

Anne McCue Specialist Teaching Assistant

Anne McCue began her journey into education by working with children in the church liturgy and youth groups. She then started helping in a primary school in Milton Keynes.

Anne has trained in PSHE, Numicon, Talking Maths, Talk Boost, Learning, Inclusion and Behaviour Support. 

Anne has worked in QARANC hospitals and 3 primary schools in Milton Keynes. 

She leads and delivers interventions with the children across Milton Keynes Primary PRU and is the Designated First Aider for the PRU. 

Her educational philosophy is; “It is the right of all children to experience a wide range and enriched curriculum in a safe environment to give them the best opportunity for their future”. 

Julie Cummings Specialist Teaching Assistant

Julie Cummings began her journey in education by regular volunteering at a local combined school. 

Julie has worked in a variety of educational settings, both primary and secondary. 

Her specialisms are Behaviour management and maths. 

Her educational philosophy is; “I believe in removing barriers to learning to enable the best possible outcomes for all children”.

Claire Couling Specialist Teaching Assistant