School Councillors

The aim of our School Council is to improve and to develop the children’s voice within our school. 

We want all children to take an active role in how their school is run. 

Our school council representatives work with other children to ensure that all pupils have an opportunity to influence various aspects of school life and help improve our school. 

Our school councillors are democratically elected each September, with 2 representatives from each class. As a child graduates from Milton Keynes Primary PRU, a new school representative us elected within that week and takes up their position as school councillor immediately. They are welcomed to the school council at that week’s Celebration Assembly, where they receive their badge of honour. 

It is recognised that being a school councillor is a great honour and privilege. School Councillors are positively representing our school at all times, both in and out of school and as such, must be in a place where they can make “wise” choices and make us all proud of their behaviour. 

Our school Council meets on a weekly basis on Wednesdays at 12.30 pm in the Create room.

School Council work

Over the last year the school council has been involved in the following projects:

  • Supporting the developments to our enrichment activities at lunchtimes

  • Helped with the Audit to create our Optimal Learning Centre

Some of our plans for the coming year:

  • To discuss and develop a School Council motto

  • To explore how we can further incorporate the values of our school into our School Council

  • To evaluate our new school dinners

  • To survey pupil voice within the school and make any necessary improvements

  • To be involved in securing our Healthy Schools Award

  • To be involved in designing our outdoor environmental area and environmental education curriculum.