Healthy Food

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is a crucial part of every child's day. It affects everything from memory to creativity in the classroom. Children who go hungry are more inclined to become distracted from learning at school, or give up more easily when faced with challenges. Behaviour can be affected, and the ability to make positive, wise choices when faced with a challenge can be compromised. 

Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning has beneficial effects on memory, particularly short-term and attention, allowing children to more quickly and accurately retrieve information. Children who eat breakfast perform better on reading, arithmetic and problem-solving tests. Eating breakfast also positively affects endurance and creativity in the classroom. 

Breakfast affects more than direct learning; it also impacts behaviors surrounding learning in the classroom environment. 

We provide a healthy, nutritious breakfast for all children here at Milton Keynes Primary PRU. This also provides an opportunity to chat with the children and check-in with them with regards to their emotional well-being. 

Children may have already eaten breakfast at home before leaving for school, so there is a choice as to whether a child eats breakfast or not, but everyone sits down at the table together to talk together. 

Our nutritious breakfast provided is toast, either wholemeal or “best of both”, together with low sugar fruit jam and low fat spread, together with a drink of water.


Children are provided with healthy snacks and water throughout the day. Children do not need to bring any snacks into school and chocolate / confectionery is actively discouraged as we are working towards our “Healthy Schools” Status. This is especially important to us as our aim is to support all children to grow healthily, safely and responsibly.

Hot meals

All children from Reception up to Year 2 are entitled to a free hot meal under the Universal Infant Free School Meals Scheme.

However, in Milton Keynes Primary PRU, all children have access to a hot, nutritious meal as part of our “Fine Dining Experience”, which was introduced in September 2016. This is part of our commitment to developing a Healthy School and as part of our social and emotional development. All children have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, nutritious hot meal sitting with the teachers to enjoy the dining experience together on a daily basis.

School dinners must by law provide a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit, with no confectionary or artificially-sweetened drinks, and there are limits on the fat and salt content in each meal. 

We provide drinking water with lunch.

A daily vegetarian or meat option is available for those who choose to not eat meat.

The menu for our “Fine Dining Experience” is updated on this website each week so you can see what is provided for the week ahead.

Packed lunches are not required, unless a school trip is planned. Healthy packed lunches will then be required. A list of what is a healthy packed lunch can be found on our website.


Week Commencing 10/12/2018 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Pork Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Pasta


Chicken Chow Mein

Beef Lasagne with Garlic Bread

Chicken Korma with Rice

DESSERT Cheese and Crackers Strawberry Fruit Jelly Vanilla Muffin  Chocolate Cookie

Healthy Packed Lunch (for School Trips only)

Please note, no chocolate or fizzy drinks are allowed on school trips. 

According to NHS choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:

  • Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta
  • Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs or beans
  • A dairy item, like cheese or yogurt
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Check out the following website for some inspiration