Ethos and Vision

Our vision at Milton Keynes Primary PRU is to provide an environment where children are safe, and also feel safe. They are actively listened to, appropriately supported and calmly and assertively challenged to make good choices within a culture of clear and consistent boundaries. This enables children to feel safe within their learning environment and engage more effectively within the PRU’s calm and dependable learning environment. This is especially important for children who may be experiencing high anxiety levels at the point of entry due to a variety of reasons. They are confident to talk to any adult about concerns. 

I am very impressed with the difference in my son. The PRU is such a nurturing school (and staff). Excellent in every way” (Parent /Carer)                                                                                                                              

Children are taught within a rich and creative curriculum that provides positive learning opportunities for each child through personalised learning. We recognise the importance and central role of creativity and play in learning and our aspiration is to engage pupils in exploring ideas and issues, challenging traditional assumptions, solving complex problems and constructing knowledge. Skilful teachers aim to create an atmosphere of mutual trust where pupils feel free to take risks and explore their own thoughts and feelings. This philosophical approach to teaching and learning underpins our desire to support pupils to develop 21st century skills of creativity and critical thinking and to become independent lifelong learners. We have high ambitions for all pupils. 

“H has achieved so much both in his behaviour and academically. He is happy to access school which was proving a problem in his previous setting” (Parent / Carer)

Our Key Aims are to…

Provide a rich and creative curriculum within a stimulating, secure and happy learning environment for all; 

Develop everyone’s academic, intellectual, creative and physical skills to reach their full potential; 

Encourage everyone's social and emotional growth by fostering positive relationships; 

Develop the independence, self-belief and resilience of pupils within a wider global society; 

Develop pupils' self-esteem, confidence and their own voice; 

Support children for life readiness and transition back into mainstream education; 

Create a welcoming community that offers positive support to all those who are involved with the school.