ECO Guardians

Milton Keynes Primary PRU ECO Guardians

On 13th October 2017 we held our first ECO Guardians meeting here at Milton Keynes Primary PRU.

In this very first meeting, our ECO Guardian Leadership Group was formed. 

We looked at the following in our first meeting;

1. What is an ECO Guardian?

Following discussion, we decided an ECO Guardian is someone who helps all other children, and teachers, to understand why it is important to look after our school environment and helps to explore and discover ways of how we can look after our school environment and improve it. 

2. Developing our ECO Guardians Leadership group – Who are we?

We are pupils at Milton Keynes Primary PRU. As part of our Leadership Challenge, we have volunteered to be ECO Guardians.

We meet every week on a Friday as part of our Leadership Challenge.

3. What will we do as ECO Guardians ?

In our first ECO Guardian meeting we decided 6 things that we will aim to achieve in 2017 / 2018. These are;


What will we do?
How will we do this? When will we do this by? Achieved

1. Set up our ECO Guardian Committee

Volunteer to be an ECO Guardian. October 2017

2. Register for the ECO Schools Bronze Award We will go on the computer and register our school for ECO Schools Bronze Award. October 2017

3. Support our school to carry out an environmental review We will talk to all the children and teachers in our school about the 9 topics included in our environmental review. We will start this in November 2017 and aim to complete it by February 2018

4. Develop an ECO Guardian display We will make a display on our “Every Child is a Scientist” display board so we can make sure everyone knows what we are doing in our school and ask them to help too. We will create this in January 2018

5. Create an Action Plan from our environmental review We will look at our environmental review and decide what we need to do, when we can do it by and how it will be done. We will then do it so that we have a better school environment. We will start this in January 2018 and complete it by February 2018

6. Develop our Outdoor learning area We will create wildlife areas in our playground so that more wildlife will come to our school and we learn about it. We will start this in March 2018 and carry on with it until it is all finished. This will take a long time but we will do a little bit at a time.