Summer 2017-18

Summer 1 2017 - 2018

 By Cruz D

"This week in Story Telling we read, ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan.

‘The Lost Thing’ is about a weird machine that is lost.  A Scientist finds it and tries to help the machine to get home.

The Machine was bright red and we think an Octopus lives inside it, isn’t that weird?

The Machine and the Scientist become friends and travel through a strange land together.

The illustrations in this book are unusual with lots of detail.

We recommend this book."

 By Brandon T

"Today I chose ‘A Forest’ by Marc Martin to review.

‘A Forest’ is about a city where people cut down the trees. When there were no trees left a storm was created by all the dust and dirt in the air. The storm created heavy rain and it flooded the city. Once the storm had finished there was one tree growing. The tree created a forest.

I enjoyed this book, it made me think about the environment.

I would recommend this book to everyone."

By Harvey T

“Today I chose The Garden Came Home by Gary Bylthe to review.

This is a book about Jenny who finds an arrow. Her mum thinks the arrow belongs to the Red Indians. Jenny imagines she meets the Indians and sits around the fire with them listening to their stories.

I would recommend this book, especially the illustrations.”

By Leland D

“Today I chose Eggs to Chickens by Martin Sanders to review.

This book is about the life cycle of a chicken. It shows how chickens grow.

I would recommend this book to everyone who would like to find out about a chicken’s life cycle.”

By Tulisa F

“Today I chose Cooking by Molly Sage and Adam Larkum to review.

This is a book full of recipes. I liked the recipes for the Lemon Meringue and Apple Pie.

I would recommend this book to everyone who would like to learn to cook.”

 By Kaylee B

“Today I chose People Who Help Us - Nurses by Chris Fairclough to review.

Nurses is about a children’s nurse called Kate. It tells you all about what happens on a Children’s Ward in hospital. You can learn about what it is like to be a nurse.

I would recommend this book to everyone.”