• Ms Vivienne Mills


    Vivienne Mills took up Headship at Milton Keynes Primary PRU in September 2015. Prior to this role she has led two Ofsted outstanding graded settings in Devon and Wolverhampton and has led a National Early Years Teaching Centre and a National Childcare and Early Learning Hub.

    As an educator, Vivienne is an “inspirer of learning” and has worked with many vulnerable and disengaged children and young people throughout her professional career. She has also worked in the field of Early Years, Crime and Disorder, Drug and Alcohol Services, Youth Crime Prevention, Strategy and Forward Planning and Environmental Education. However, her passion has always been in making a difference by “supporting every individual to recognise and build on their strengths to develop their unique potential.”

    Vivienne is a certified expressive arts therapist and has extensive experience of working with vulnerable children and young people aged 3-19. She specialised in working with children and young people with attachment challenges, communication, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Post-traumatic Stress disorders, Post Adoption and a variety of mental health challenges.

    Vivienne is a strong advocate for lifelong learning and has her National Professional Qualification in Headship (NPQH), National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership (NPQICL), is a certified expressive arts therapist and has an MA in Education, MA in Policy and Social Studies and a BA in Landscape Architecture (with a specialism in Environmental education). She is also a qualified early year’s teacher.

    Her educational philosophy is; “As a lifelong learner, I believe learning is for life. Each person, child or adult, is a unique individual with innate strengths, who needs a secure, safe, caring and stimulating environment in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, culturally, physically and socially. It is my passion, as an educator, to enable this environment to be created and inspire children to thrive and develop that unique potential through curiosity, active learning, awe and wonder, exploration and discovery to become a lifelong learner”.

    In her spare time Vivienne enjoys spending time with her cat, Artie, bodyboarding, running, cycling, writing novels and being in nature.

  • Mrs Jo McAuliffe

    School Business Manager

    Jo McAuliffe started at MK Primary PRU in May 2017. After studying Business and Finance, she started working in the Finance Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In 1997 she moved government departments into the Education Sector where she worked as an Audit and Assurance Manager. In 2011 she decided to pursue a change of career working in the Maths Department of a local Secondary School.

    Jo represents the Headteacher for all things non-teaching. She is therefore responsible for a number of areas including finances, human resources and health and safety.

    She enjoys spending time with her family and friends alongside being an ASA Judge at swimming competitions and she is also an active gym member, particularly enjoying Spinning.

  • Mrs Terry Larcombe

    Class Teacher Discover

    Terry’s teaching specialism is in the age group of 7 to 11 year olds and she also has teaching experience from Early Years to Year 11 in Secondary. As a Primary School teacher, Terry teaches all of the curriculum subjects, specialising in English.

    Terry has continued to develop her teaching experiences by attending courses such as
    Safeguarding, Autism Educational Trust (AET), Teaching the Hearing Impaired and Attachment in Children. She is especially interested in how the Optimum Learning Environment affects well-being and learning and has spent time applying and sharing this knowledge with the team at the PRU over the past 12 months.

    Terry attended local schools in Bletchley and then went straight into employment. As life progressed, she married and had children, moving around the country and the world. As her family grew up, Terry decided to take advantage of further education and the opportunities this opened up for her. She enrolled in a “learn basic German “and recognises that her German must have been very poor as she found herself taking a Human Biology course, which she then passed! This motivated her to take many other courses over the next couple of years. She then decided to take a degree and applied to Westminster College, Oxford. Before she knew it she was sitting in lectures studying Education, Children’s Literature, Shakespeare and the poets. She is a living example of ‘it’s never too late to learn’.

    She has experienced a number of Teaching Practices in local schools and Oxfordshire before working at a large combined school in Milton Keynes for 9 years. She then left the UK to live and work in Spain, where she taught at an International School before returning to the UK to teach the Hearing Impaired before coming to work as a member of the team at The PRU. She became a member of the PRU’s Management Committee and is an integral part of the continuing development of the PRU.

    Her educational philosophy is; “ that every child has the ability to learn and develop in their own unique way and as facilitators of learning, it is our role to find their unique learning style to enable them to become the very best that they can.

    When we remove the barriers to learning there are no limits to each and every child’s potential.”

    In her spare time, she enjoys being with the people who are most important to her, family and friends. She loves to cook, only savoury though and enjoys walking round the supermarket; because she enjoys cooking it when she gets home. She loves the tranquillity of the Mediterranean and the beach. Spain is her favourite place to visit.